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Our Story

Indeed the brand — a brainchild of two craft entrepreneurs from the Venetian hinterland — has its origins in the 1980s and grew out of a strong impulse to introduce intuitive changes capable of transforming what had always been a traditional furriers’ workshop.

Pushing the boundaries of tradition, while at the same time retaining its special appeal, Giovi soon met with success in high-end boutiques and mid-price clothing stores, Italian and foreign alike.

Today, the fashion market is continually evolving and constantly revisiting past ideas. This has allowed the Giovi brand to keep pace with and occasionally anticipate the times, offering a style that is both young and appealing.

Working to these firm principles in-house, Giovi succeeds in capturing the interest both of girls who like to dress casual, and of women at their ease in evening dress.
The first line offers fur garments and garments of cashmere with fur inserts, created on the basis of a design inspired by the practicalities of dress and freed from the constraints of classic fur styles.

On the same principles, over a period of years, the second Giovi product line was also developed, namely Gold Rush: smart and casual at the same time, this features a wide range of Parka jackets, from ultra-classic to ultra-quirky, all with removable fur linings.

There are numerous models, all customizable, and all available for men and women.
Giovi is a strong supporter of Made in Italy and of craft production methods, the basis on which the brand was created and continues to grow: every product breathes passion, experience and quality